Help Needed: Can you spare 5 minutes to help Leeds University student design revolutionary new plant watering device?

University of Leeds student Annalise Hughes is developing the first watering can reminder system, which prompts the user to water their plants when the soil becomes too dry.

There are numerous apps and small indicators on the market to remind people to water their plants but these reminder alerts can easily be ignored.

The product is primarily designed to help people with dementia but is suitable for a much larger audience, reminding users to water their plants regularly, encouraging them to get outside and interact with their plants which research proves can be extremely therapeutic.

How it works

This product idea comes in 2 parts, a plant pot which monitors the moisture of the soil, a watering can and a stand for the watering can, which plugs into a household socket.

When the soil is getting too dry the user is reminded to water the plants, and both the pot and watering can will light up to show the user which pot needs watering.

Once the soil is less dry the lights turn off and the watering can, can be places back on its stand.

How you can help

Annalise would love to hear your thoughts and feedback about her design, complete her very short online survey at:

Or to receive an email version of the survey you can email her at