Leeds Older People’s Forum is actively engaged in campaigning to make Leeds a “City For All Ages”. We have several strands to our campaigning work which are listed below.  If you have a particular interest in any of these strands and want to know how to get involved please contact us.


Hospital Discharges

During 2015 one of our members raised some concern over hospital discharges; the reason for this concern was due to one of their service users being discharged in the early hours of the morning despite their being no one at home to look after them.

LOPF was concerned over this issue and we contacted our members asking for any evidence/examples of older people being discharged at unsociable times with no one to care for them at home.  We had a large response and discussed this with Councillor Lisa Mulherin, the lead Councillor for health and social care. She was very concerned and invited us to a meeting with her and senior Managers from Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust (LTHT) and Adult Social Care (ASC) where we presented our findings.

LTHT apologised for the experiences of the older people in our report and expressed that they were grateful for these ‘real life’ examples. They said that there was a lot of work being done around the issue of hospital discharges and subsequently sent us a short briefing paper describing the focussed work Leeds Teaching hospital NHS trust are undertaking in collaboration with partner organisations to improve the situation.

LOPF repeated the exercise later in October in order assess whether the situation had improved by then. We asked for examples both good and bad but we got far fewer responses with some organisations saying they had no cases to report and a couple giving us further examples.

This issue is a standing agenda item on the LOPF Board of Trustees monthly meeting. We will continue to work on this important issue and will continue to report back to members. We will also continue to work with LTHT and local councillors. We have also met with the Director of Healthwatch Leeds there was agreement that we can work closely together on this in the future

LTHT are happy to receive further patient stories or direct communication about specific incidents or issues when they occur (including good news stories). Please contact: Dawn Marshall, Acting Nurse Director (operations) LTHT
0778 625 0606 | (0113) 206 8624

LOPF Manifesto

Adopted by Leeds Older People’s Forum October 2014 this Manifesto was sent to all the local political parties ahead of the 2015 General Election

  • Protection of the basic state pension
  • Continuation of free bus passes, prescriptions and winter fuel allowances and free TV licences for people aged over 75.
  • Ensuring that older people are involved in the planning, design and monitoring of health, housing and care services provision.
  • The provision of high levels and standards of health care provision, free at the point of use
  • Abolition of the Lobbying Act and acceptance of campaigning as a just role for charities
  • Adequate pay (living wage as the minimum), conditions, qualifications and training for all workers in the care services
  • Provision of good quality home care services
  • Establishment of a legally binding Dignity Code to improve the quality and standards of care.
  • Expansion of programs to allow school students and university students to volunteer with charities and take part in short-term attachments
  • Continuation of the availability of cost effective aids and adaptations focused on promoting independent living
  • Ensuring that all local authorities consider the wider housing needs of their older citizens and adopt the Lifetime Homes Standard for all new housing
  • The provision of energy efficiency measures and adequate insulation in all homes in order to reduce fuel poverty