Caring Together_2LOPF has championed inter-generational practice, its mutual benefits to young and old, and power to create stronger communities. We believe that inter-generational work could help meet many of the city’s priorities and is particularly crucial at a time when cuts to public services are being made and generations are being pitched against each other for ever decreasing resources.



Back in 2013 Leeds Older People’s Forum produced a publication called Generations Together in Leeds (see below) which highlighted some of the excellent inter-generational work in the city.

We are now planning on producing an updated (online only) version featuring different organisations and projects in order to highlight the continuing inter-generational work which goes on in Leeds and we are looking for organisations which would be interested in being involved.


We are looking for organisations from the third, statutory or private sector who are willing to be involved with this project and who want to tell everyone about the inter-generational work they do and the benefits it brings to everyone involved (young & old alike).

The publication will be a similar format to the original version  a copy of which you can download at to give yourself an idea of what it is we are looking for.

If you have a project or scheme that you would like to be considered please contact Leeds Older People’s Forum using the contact details below.


Sean Tunnicliffe, Communications Officer, Leeds Older People’s Forum | (0113) 244 1697 

Generations Together: Intergenerational Work in the City

Cover Image 1Generations Together: Intergenerational Work in the City is a report produced by Leeds Older People’s Forum, which was published in July 2013.

This report showcases a sample of inspirational intergenerational projects that are currently or had recently taken place.

Click here to download the report

The Forum Blog contains a number of articles about inter-generational work

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