Dementia Friendly Leeds Campaign 

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Working to Become Dementia FriendlyThe Dementia-Friendly Campaign Officer for the city, works for the Leeds Older People’s Forum in partnership with Alzheimer’s Society (Leeds) and Leeds City Council.

The Campaign Officer works part-time to run the Leeds Dementia Action Alliance, working with people living with dementia and their families and carers, encouraging local groups and organisations to join the Alliance, and supporting community projects to help neighbourhoods become more ‘dementia friendly’.

Dementia Friendly Leeds – General Overview

We want people with dementia to feel confident, safe and part of their local Leeds community.

Our mission is to raise awareness of dementia in Leeds, and support any organisation (schools, churches, banks, cafes, taxis etc) to become more dementia friendly.

Organisations can sign up to the Leeds Dementia Action Alliance (see our page here) and commit to three actions to make their services more dementia friendly.

We currently have 156 members from universities to museums to taxis, and are growing all the time! University of Beckett recently signed up, they offer support and advice to students and staff, and all Santander bank branches in Leeds have had dementia friends sessions.

We also give out dementia friendly stickers to put up in windows and raise awareness- look out for them!

If you’d like to join the alliance, receive our quarterly e-newsletter or find out more about us, do get in touch any time –  or check out our twitter page: @leedsdaa

Dementia Friends Sessions

One way we support organisations to learn more about dementia is by leading ‘dementia friends sessions’. Dementia Friends is a social movement run across England and Wales, managed by Alzheimer’s Society.

It is a free, one hour session, open to anyone who wants to learn about what dementia is and guidance on supporting people living with dementia. You can read more about it here: and if you’d like us to organise a session for your staff or group in Leeds, just get in touch.

Facts about Dementia

Dementia is caused by disease in the brain. It can affect people’s memory, starting with short term memory. It can also affect people’s perception (e.g. shiny floors can look wet, mats can look like black holes). It can also affect communication, co-ordination and more.

It can be frightening, and everyday tasks can become more challenging. People with dementia can quickly become isolated.  But, with support and understanding from the local community, people with dementia can live well and remain active and doing things they enjoy.

1/14 people aged over 65 has dementia at any one time

There are approximately 8,000 people living with dementia in Leeds

83% of people with memory problems switched their shopping habits to more accessible places – according to Alzheimer’s Society Retail Guide 2016 – available to download from their website – 

How exactly does this Campaign people with dementia?

We’ve had direct feedback from dementia, that some simple changes can make a huge difference.

One lady said black mats very difficult, so when we speak to shopping centres and supermarkets, if they have black mats we encourage them to change these to a different colour.

We also heard from a gentleman living with dementia that when doctors or bank staff write down information for him, this is much easier, as he can take it home and keeps it as a reminder. Also, patience at tills and buses make a huge difference.

Little things really do go a long way. 

Find out more

There are many different ways to get involved in making Leeds more dementia friendly, so please do get in touch if you would like to be part of this exciting campaign.

Dementia Friendly Leeds Supporters

  • John & Shirley Butterworth

Make a Donation

Make a donation of £50-£200 and be named as a supporter on our website and in our email communications. Contact Leeds DAA on (0113) 244 1697 or email: for more information.

Alliance Members

To see a full list of Leeds Dementia Action Alliance Members please visit the Dementia Action Alliance website.

Armley dentists taking the Dementia Friends session

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