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About LOPF
LOPF_Small_Web4The Leeds Older People’s Forum was established in March 1994 and has grown to a citywide membership of over 100 voluntary sector organisations working with older people across Leeds, including the Neighbourhood Network Schemes.All member organisations provide services dedicated to older people though they are not necessarily an older people’s organisation.


Our 2016 AGM is being held on Thursday 21 July, 10.30am*-12.45pm (followed by lunch)

This event is fully booked!

Guest Speakers:

  • Dan Jones Director of Innovation and Change, Centre For Ageing Better
  • Cath Roff Director of Adult Social Care

Something to Shout About

Shout Out 3Something to Shout About is an opportunity to showcase some of the work our members are doing, and celebrate the role we all play in helping to make Leeds the most age-friendly city it can be.

Contributions this year include:

  • Carers Leeds
  • Leeds Bereavement Forum
  • Touchstone Sikh Elders Service

*Registration and refreshments are from 10.00am

Leeds Older People’s Forum 2016 AGM is kindly sponsored by:

Blacks Sponsorship

 Time to Shine Learning Disability Community Development Project

We are looking for a delivery partner to help us gain a better understanding of how many older learning disabled people are experiencing social isolation in our city.

We want to know what the barriers are for them in developing meaningful social relationships and how they would like to tackle their isolation and loneliness.

Time to Shine is commissioning the project over summer 2016.

You can find out more at the Time to Shine website

Older LGBT*Q People

Get involved in this new project to tackle the social isolation faced by older LGBT*Q people.

This is a partnership project between Yorkshire MESMAC and AgeUK Leeds. It is part of the Time to Shine programme to address the social isolation faced by older people and is led by Leeds Older Peoples Forum.

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