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About LOPF
LOPF_Small_Web4The Leeds Older People’s Forum was established in March 1994 and has grown to a citywide membership of over 100 voluntary sector organisations working with older people across Leeds, including the Neighbourhood Network Schemes. All member organisations provide services dedicated to older people though they are not necessarily an older people’s organisation.
The latest update from Forum Central – the Third Sector network for Health and Care is available to download.
In it you will find an update on some of our work as well as key dates for your diary.
Forum Central Update

Intergenerational work back on the LOPF agenda

Back in September LOPF spoke about our plans to do an update of our report Generations Together which we produced in 2013. This updated version will only be available online.

We asked organisations for examples of inter-generational work they were doing in Leeds that could be featured in the report.

We had hoped to have a draft done by the end of 2016 but due to a change in circumstances at Forum Central we had to out the report on the ‘back burner’.

Ready to go
We are now ready to start work on this report and so once again we are asking for organisation who have done inter-generational work to come forward so that we can highlight and promote what is being done in Leeds to bring generations together.

What we are looking for
We are looking for organisations from the third, statutory or private sector who are willing to be involved with this project and who want to tell everyone about the inter-generational work they do and the benefits it brings to everyone involved (young & old alike).

A city for all ages
We are really keen to promote Leeds as a ‘city for all ages’ and demonstrate how good it is to bring young and old people together and how it can break down barriers, assumptions and stereotypes and make the different generations realise how much they have in common.

Next steps
We hope to get enough interest to start work and the publication will be a similar format to the original version a copy of which you can download at http://bit.do/gen2gether to give yourself an idea of what it is we are looking for.

If you have a project or scheme that you would like to be considered please contact Sean Tunnicliffe by email or ring (0113) 244 1697

You can read more on the Inter-generational page of this website

 LOPF Annual Report 2016

Our 2016 Annual Report is  available to download…all our own work and designed in-house!

Annual Report Cover

Click on the image above to download the LOPF 2016 Annual Report