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May 24, 2016

Dementia – a lonely place

Free dementia seminar from Time to Shine

23 June 2016 @Strawberry Lane Community Centre, 2-4pm

As part of Time to Shine we are looking at hosting a variety of free seminars for people in Leeds. These seminars will be on the main theme of social isolation with different sub headings for each seminar.

The sub headings have been decided by speaking to lots of different groups of older people across Leeds about what can cause feelings of loneliness and isolation.

The first seminar we will be staging is ‘Dementia – a lonely place’ 
which will look at the isolating effects of dementia of both people living with it and their carers.
We have Mark Harrison a dementia expert speaking about different types of dementia and different ways to care and help people living with it.

The hope is that people can look at a new perspective of dementia and pick up tips on how to feel less isolated.
It would be fantastic if you could attend or if you would like to give any input to the seminar as we would like to include dementia friends information on the day.
Please contact Hanna Wilcock on 0783 459 3917 or for additional information