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June 14, 2016

Success stories from the Time to Shine BME Network

I’m not sad and depressed any more

An elderly Indian woman was referred to Time to Shine BME Network by a group leader. She was very isolated as she wasn’t going out. 

She was very low in confidence and was worried about what the community would think of her if she started socialising outside after her husband had passed away. 

Staff visited her in August and organised for her to join in the community group but at first she refused to do so. 

They made numerous befriending calls and arranged home visits to encourage the woman to get out and about. 

Eventually, in November, she was happy to go with a staff member to the group. An access bus was organised for the woman and staff continued to support her until she felt able to go to the group by herself. 

The client said: “I’m very happy now. I met my old friends in the group and have also made new friends. I look forward to attending the group and I’m more active than before as I do yoga and chair-based exercises.”

I wasn’t prepared to come at first and now I’m not prepared to quit the group

An elderly Indian woman was referred to Time to Shine BME Network by a Health Trainer. She was very unfit and couldn’t walk more than few steps without having a break. She had to sit down on the way to the kitchen from the living room. 

At first the woman refused help and had no confidence to access any services even though her husband had encouraged her to go out and socialise more. 

Staff visited the client at her home and accompanied her to her first group meeting. She enjoyed the group and talking to her peers. Her breathing and walking ability has improved as a result of getting out to meetings. 

At her last meeting with a staff member the client said: “I’m enjoying coming so much! I wasn’t prepared to come at first and now I’m not prepared to quit the group. I’ve also joined another group and go there with my husband.” 

True Bollywood movies fan

An elderly Indian woman was referred to Time to Shine BME Network by a neighbour. She was very isolated and complained to family members repeatedly that she was ill and wanted them to take her to see her GP every week. 

Staff made a home visit and told the woman about the available BME Network services. At first she refused to go out and cancelled planned programme activities many times. 

Staff encouraged the woman and arranged for her to go to the cinema as she showed an interest in watching Bollywood movies but still didn’t want to attend any groups. 

Whilst going on these Bollywood movie trips, the woman made some friends and finally decided to come to the group and to participate in activities. She now attends weekly sessions. 

The client took a holiday in India and said that, whilst away, she’d missed attending the group. On her second day back she returned to the group and was eager to see her friends.