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November 2, 2016

Community Correspndent: Well Being Day Event – Rothwell & District Live at Home Scheme

International Day of Older People 2016

Rothwell & District Live at Home Scheme

Health and Wellbeing Day – Blackburn Hall – Rothwell 

5 October 

Meeting new people doesn’t come easy to me. It can be hard when you live on your own. One of my neighbours suggested I join the exercises at Rothwell Live at Home. I was hesitant, I must say, but decided to give it a try. I tried two different ones. Each time I was made to feel very welcome and enjoyed going. But then I was taken poorly and stopped going. I always read my newsletter and have been determined to get involved again. They kept asking me to go back, but with one thing and another. Well you know how it goes. I saw the Health and Well-being day advertised in the newsletter. Blackburn Hall is only round the corner from me so I made a note on my calendar in big letters. So I went off out of curiosity. Well I met some of the ladies from when I was with them. They asked me how I was getting on and what I’d been up to. You know, as if I’d never been away. It was so lovely. I looked at the stalls and got lots of help. They had all sorts of leaflets and advice. I watched a couple of shows where people were doing exercises and I even joined in a sing song. It was a lovely relaxed day and I enjoyed talking to people. The help and advice was marvellous and I put down my name to come back to do exercises again.


Having visited the Older Persons’ Day for the Live at Home, held at Blackburn Hall, I found the help, information and services available very good from safety and security in the home by the police, fire brigade and Care & Repair, to health issues such as dementia, diabetes, healthy eyesight, etc. A demonstration on stage of gentle exercise normally held at Midland House was given. There were details available regarding activities at the library and Oulton Institute as well as trips to help elderly meet each other by FDM. Finally the volunteers from the local school serving coffee and Tea did a great Job. Thanks must go to the caterers for suppling such lovely sandwiches and Cakes


At the bus stop I noticed people going in to Blackburn Hall. I read the poster advertising a Health and Well-Being Day, including free refreshment. I was greeted at the door and given some leaflets and form for my comments for entry into a prize draw. I made my way round the stalls, which had lots of information and friendly people to give advice. I heard an announcement about a demonstration about musical movement and a sing-a-long with Live at Home members taking part. I joined in with the singing and really enjoyed it. When it was time for refreshments now I couldn’t find an empty table, it was so busy. Two ladies beckoned me to sit with them. They said they were members of the Live at Home and told me about how much fun they had at the activities they go to and suggested I became a member. Whilst chatting to them, I realized how relaxed I felt. I was really enjoying myself. I have been amongst lots of people today who didn’t feel like strangers and I want to be one of them. My next stop was the MHA stall to get more details about their activities and social groups. I told them my story and I filled in a form and now I have a whole load of new friends and things to do to look forward to.

Mrs. Baughan