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November 5, 2016

Community Correspondent: Sage Writing Workshop

To celebrate IDOP, International Day of Older People, Sage organised a writing workshop led by local writer Matthew Bellwood.

I didn’t know what to expect when I turned up for the writing workshop, I was a little nervous; but within minutes I settled down and relaxed and very soon I was given an opportunity to speak. 

Then some very interesting situations were posed for us to write about (e.g. odour – inspired reminiscences). I especially enjoyed the fantastical alternate universe idea — a different world situation for us to consider. 

Most of all I enjoyed the opportunity to hear myself talk without any inhibition or inappropriate guilt. 

The surroundings were conducive to harmonious thought; the venue was easy to get to, the perfect number of people showed up an excellent and mentally productive spread of ages, a shared sense of humour and the literary aspect was tremendously fruitful. 

I look forward to our next workshop.

After each of us came up with two or three words to sum the day Matthew put them together into this blank verse poem:

Flowing surprisingly fast.

Illuminating story,
Warm rich words,
Painting blue sky,
Laughing marmite.

Rich Insight,
Using Brain.

Ending –
Or beginning again …

Roger Bates