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December 3, 2016

Community Correspondent: Is Age Just A Number?

Can anyone tell me what age is? To me it’s a number. Each person is their own being.

You can enjoy the fact you get out bed every day and it’s a new start.

Quite often people shout, presuming you must be deaf, or sometimes assume that you won’t know your own name.

Please approach me as a grown-up who has lived a long time but still remembers lots of things that have gone, never to return.

When I see children today with a phone I feel sorry that they don’t know how to play.

Because I don’t use WiFi they think I don’t know anything.

Just give us a chance.

There are so many things we have seen and lived through that you would not believe.

It’s stored in our heads.

It’s only the years you can remember that make you an older person.

Age is just a memory
of moments in the past
An encounter in the midst of time
never meant to last

Lena Ackroyd