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April 2, 2017

Opportunity to host Sage training

Sage can train or refresh you and your staff about good practices for working with LGBT older people–for free! The training course is for any professional, volunteer or trustee who may come into contact with older people and/or who want to make their service as inclusive as possible.

The host organisation should provide an accessible location with a large room suitable for a training session with 15 participants and up to 5 trainers/community speakers, so the space must accommodate up to 20 people comfortably.

It would be great if the host can offer tea and coffee throughout the day, but this is not essential, they don’t provide lunch for the participants so people are asked to bring their lunch. Sage will do the recruiting and communications with the participants before the course and provide all the materials for the session.

In return for being host the organisation can reserve up to 5 places for staff, volunteers or trustees.
If you are interested in using this opportunity to develop your work with older LGBT people by hosting Sage’s training please get in touch, if you are not able to host a session but you would like to participate ask to be put on their waiting list.

Contact Jude Woods: Mobile: 07736151 895 Landline: 0113 244 4209

(LGBT: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans)