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May 15, 2017

More than a Mealtime Lives Up to Its Name

A Time to Shine project has meant finding something beyond friendship for two of its participants, Anita and Ken.

More than a Mealtime, delivered by Cross Gates and District Good Neighbours, brings people together over one of the most important things in life–food. 

Those who might ordinarily have been eating on their own can now meet up in a local pub or restaurant and share a meal, conversation, and friendship.

After losing her husband, Anita felt lonely and isolated. She describes how simple tasks like changing a light bulb became overwhelming, as she adjusted to the new routine of her life.

She said she wouldn’t have gone out for a meal by herself, partly because coming back to an empty house was just a reminder of what she’d lost.

She joined More than a Mealtime to try to meet some new people and start to socialise again, and possibly find common ground with other people in a similar situation.

What she found has changed her life completely, as she’s been able to connect with others who understand what she’s been through.

“Life has a meaning now. There is more to life than just waking up and going about routine things. I’ve made new friends and developed friendships that I already had.”

And she met Ken, another Shared Tables member. Their friendship unexpectedly blossomed into a romance, and the two couldn’t be happier.

Anita says that if she was giving advice to anyone else who might be hesitant to get involved, she would say, “Do it. Don’t give it a second thought, just do it. It’s a brilliant scheme.”

If you would like more information about Shared Tables or Time to Shine, please contact Claire Lovatt: or 0113 260 6565.