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September 12, 2017

Real-Life Stories: Supporting Wellbeing

Mr. and Mrs. H are a very close couple and rarely did things without each other. They used to attend a lunch club together but Mr. H had a fall and was unable to leave the house for a long time as there was no grab rail.

Mrs. H has recently been diagnosed with dementia but after getting lost on the bus a few times, she decided she was not going out again on her own. The family referred the couple to Supporting Wellbeing because they were worried that they were becoming isolated. The project worker developed a positive relationship with the couple and eventually Mrs. H agreed to return to the lunch club, first with the worker and then with assistance from volunteers. Mrs. H enjoyed it and now attends regularly, also joining in chair-based exercises.

Attending these groups without her husband has been a big step in improving Mrs. H’s confidence in doing things alone, regaining some independence. In the meantime, grab rails have been fitted and Mr. H is now able to leave the house; they have started to attend regular social and physical activities together again.