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September 19, 2017

Real-Life Stories: Learning Facilitation

The Time to Shine learning facilitator delivered a ‘Transitions into Retirement’ course, in partnership with Leeds City Council. 

One attendee, Mrs. P said that the thought of retirement really frightened her, as her husband had recently been diagnosed with Huntington’s disease and she had no idea what she wanted to do or how she would cope if she left work.

The course helps people to change the perception of retirement from a negative ‘ending’ to a positive ‘beginning’ and to consider what will make them happy. 

At the end of the course Mrs. P announced to the whole group that she had decided to make a formal request for retirement.

The course had helped her to realise that she wanted to seize the opportunities that she and her husband have now instead of waiting. 

The difference in her manner was amazing. 

Mrs. P literally was walking taller when she left. 

The weight of uncertainty had been taken off her and she felt free to take advantage of what her life had to offer.