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September 26, 2017

Real-Life Stories: Digital Angels

Vera was tired of sitting on her own watching television. She lives alone and is unable to leave the house without help. Vera’s family bought her a tablet but Vera didn’t even have a radio growing up so she felt confused and left out with technology. After an initial introduction Vera had weekly visits from Gail, a volunteer with Digital Angels, to help Vera learn how to use her tablet.

Using the internet has awoken a passion in Vera for learning. Because World War II started when she was 11, her education was interrupted and she is enjoying learning new things – something she feels she missed out on. Vera feels much closer to the people around her now and doesn’t panic so easily when she is on her own as she can look things up on the internet or email her family. 

Vera feels more relaxed and content now and isn’t scared of trying new things. She feels like she has really done something good for herself and her future.