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November 30, 2017

Bee Together

By Anna-Marie Garbutt, Project Coordinator, Bee Together

Bee Together is a Time to Shine project aimed at older people with learning disabilities.

Leeds is one of the only Ageing Better areas in the UK to have specific projects aimed at people with Learning Disabilities. No pressure then!

They are:

  • Health for All’s Bee Together Project, which wants to connect with Older People who are Learning Disabled and who are socially isolated. We want to find out why they are isolated and then put them in contact with organisations that can help them.
  • Pyramid of Arts Explore and Create a free programme of Arts workshops running from January 2018

If anyone is running a TTS Project which has any Learning Disabled participants please get in touch.

I’d be interested to know if any other projects are accessible to the LD community.

Please contact:         

Anna-Marie Garbutt      

07375 700117 |

Bee Together letter to Parents/Carers

Bee Together Referral Form