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December 19, 2017

Final Report: Young At Arts – Yorkshire Dance (LEAF Partnership)

The LEAF partnership, a consortium of six arts and culture organisations led by Yorkshire Dance, co-produced an integrated two-year programme giving socially isolated older people the opportunity to connect through cultural encounters, creative participation and community engagement.

Young at Arts invited older people across the city to come together to spark new friendships, experiment, re-imagine themselves, forge social adventures, have their say and take their place in their neighbourhoods and city.

This project drew to a close in July 2017; we learned a great deal about what kind of impact the arts can have on social isolation, and being a part of Time to Shine helped change the culture of the organisations involved. Including older people in their programming is now solidified into their general approach.

Older people were supported to try something new and participate in art, theatre, music and dance as a way to make connections, develop relationships and combat social isolation.

Download the full report