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January 26, 2018

Sensitive Data Training

When: Tuesday 27th February 2018 10am-1pm

Where: The Board Room, Joseph’s Well, Hanover Way, Leeds LS3 1AB

Course overview:

The purpose of the course is to look at why sensitive data is so important to projects like Ageing Better: Time to Shine. 

The course looks at why we ask sensitive questions and the fears and worries people have about asking them. 

We also cover the research principles behind the sensitive questions we ask and the key reasons why we ask them. 

We allow participants to address their worries and fears about scenarios linked with asking sensitive questions and then address them as a group.

This course helps people see the real need for gathering sensitive data and the best ways to plan and prepare for asking sensitive questions. 

As part of the course participants will be able to plan their own scenarios and conclusions as well as having a chance to practice their new skills in a safe group environment.

Who is it aimed at?

Staff from Time to Shine Delivery Partners/Projects

To book a place please click here