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August 13, 2018

Introducing… The Great Outdoors

Gardening and working outdoors is known to be a boost to both physical and mental health. With that in mind The Conversation Volunteers will be inviting older people in West Leeds and from all over the city to come and pitch in with some of their projects, including:

  • Practical conservation projects in the countryside, city greenspaces and school grounds
  • Running TCV’s and other community gardens
  • Short courses in woodwork, bushcraft skills, natural crafts
  • Working with adults with learning disability including the Hollybush cafe
  • Helping with admin, caretaking and running events

TCV have a strong history of involving older people in their activities. In 2017 just over a third of their participants were people over 50, and they have learned a great deal about the particular needs of people experiencing social isolation.

They have recruited a Project Officer who started in mid July and will be outreaching in a number of ways to get people interested in the project: pop-up sessions, networking with other voluntary organisations and advertising to large private sector firms who may want to promote it to their retiring employees.

The seeds are being planted: let’s see what blooms!