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September 7, 2018

Introducing… Sunshine in Leeds

Halfway through our six-year Time to Shine Programme, we have found certain groups are particularly prone to social isolation and may be overlooked by services. BME groups fall into this category, as do people living with frailty or in care homes. “Sunshine in Leeds” will reach out to those who are in both groups and thus at particularly high risk of isolation and loneliness.

Health for All learned a great deal from their previous Time to Shine project, and will adapt much of that learning to reach and connect BME older people with complex care needs. A qualified Community Occupational Therapist (OT) will work alongside project workers to ensure that activities are delivered safely and at the right level for participants.

Fun-filled activities will include social connections and interest/hobby based sessions. Volunteer Peer connectors will help provide a crucial lifeline for some BME older people in sheltered housing who may struggle to communicate and build friendships with others due to language or cultural barriers.

People supported individually will gradually be involved in culturally appropriate activities within their housing setting or community: inter-generational activity groups, teaching each other, gentle sports, singing, gardening, competitive games, arts & crafts, quizzes, films, meals together and more. The OT will provide a crucial role to advise on adaptation and access to activities.

The project will grow over the three years of funding, eventually becoming a citywide service. If you know someone who would benefit, or would like to volunteer, please get in touch:

Telephone: 0113 271 7231