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February 6, 2019

What’s next?? Make your own future in later life

Life doesn’t end when work does. You can write your own story…

Are you aged 55+, working, and thinking about retirement and the next stage of your life? Join us on a story-based approach to life planning.

This course offers you two days when you can consider what you want to do next, and start to work out how to get there. This experiential course does not look at practical or financial elements of retirement; instead we will give you space to look at society’s assumptions about retirement, and your hopes and dreams. During the two days we use storytelling, coaching and mindful techniques to help you ask yourself what you want to do in the next stage of your life.

What people said about the course

  • “It was like a light going on, a really important turning point”
  • “It’s helped me plan the future, rather than thinking: ‘I’ve retired, I’m twiddling my thumbs and now what?’ “
  • “The course changed my mind about what retirement will be like, I really enjoyed it.”
  • “I found out that the word retirement is the wrong word – it should be ‘I am leaving this job and I’m going to do something else with my life’ “
  • “I really liked the storytelling, and the fact that it came from people’s experiences, concerns and worries.”
  • “It’s skills and a ‘qualification’ for the next stage in life. You can’t get this from anywhere else; you can read books and so on but it’s not the same as listening to people talking about their experiences.”

When and where does it take place?

  • April 15 & 16 – Quaker Meeting House, Woodhouse Lane, Leeds LS2 9DX
  • June 14 & 17 – Quaker Meeting House, Woodhouse Lane, Leeds LS2 9DX

How much will it cost? (for the whole two day course)

  • £40 – if you work in the voluntary sector, a social enterprise or are self-employed,
  • £60 – if you work in the public sector
  • £80 – if you work in the private sector

Book your place on Eventbrite:

Please get in touch if you would like to know more about the course – for you, for staff, friends or colleagues. Phone Jessica on 0113 244 1697 or by email at

Jessica Duffy
Learning Facilitator, Time to Shine