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April 1, 2020

Call for mentors to support Yorkshire leaders and entrepreneurs

Harrogate-based organisation Next-Up, supported by Leeds City Council, is looking for 500 senior people to mentor Yorkshire entrepreneurs and leaders from public, private and voluntary sectors who are dealing with the impact of COVID-19.

The mentors could be recently retired or still working, but able to spare 45 minutes a week for online support, free of charge, for three months.

If you sign up as a mentee, you’ll be allocated a mentor and you’ll be able to talk through any difficulties you are facing during the coronavirus pandemic and more generally. You can use their skills, experience and contacts to help you make the best possible decisions in what is a really difficult time.

Next-Up already has 32 mentors and 16 entrepreneurs signed up, so are allocating these immediately and calling for more mentors and more leaders who would like mentors, to contact them.

Next-Up will also be setting up weekly online sessions for all mentors to share experiences and help each other.

You can get more information, and register, either as a mentor or to be mentored, online.

Rob Cook
Communications Officer, Time to Shine