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May 28, 2020

Time to Shine update: June 2020

Time to Shine entered its final year under the most difficult of circumstances for everyone, so we decided to give you a monthly update of where our focus has been, and what we’ve been doing. Here is the most recent.

May 2020

Our staff team continues to work from home, which brings its own challenges but is proving to be effective.

We have:

June 2020

Among other activities during this month, we expect to:

  • continue to work with our delivery partners
  • produce Shine Magazine fortnightly and encourage older people to provide their stories – link?
  • continue to support Leeds City Council and all voluntary sector agencies to provide a co-ordinated approach to Covid-19
  • promote the Age Friendly Ambassadors programme
  • train 300 RU OK? volunteers for telephone support service
  • launch the ‘Time to Shine a Light on Loneliness’ campaign

Linda Glew
Time to Shine Programme Manager (Legacy)