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November 30, 2020

Time to Shine update: December 2020

Here is a brief summary of our recent work, and what we expect to be doing next month …

November 2020

Our staff team continues to work effectively from home, with the challenges that brings.

We have:

December 2020

Among other activities during this month, we expect to:

  • launch our Wise Up To Ageism sessions
  • deliver over 5,000 copies of the December issue of Shine magazine to over 40 distributors across the city
  • launch the Leeds Neighbourhood Networks evaluation report
  • launch the Neighbourhood Networks’ business support project ‘Listening Ear’
  • Supporting Neighbourhood Networks with the changing national Covid19 restrictions
  • facilitate a digital Christmas social event with TTS delivery partners
  • promote the Age and Dementia Friendly Business Guide across Leeds

Linda Glew
Time to Shine Programme Manager (Legacy)