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January 26, 2021

Strategically engage with me!

Let me tell you a little about myself: I’m Sarah Carroll, 38 and I have been a Police Officer for nearly 13 years. For 10 years I was based on the West side of Leeds, working mainly in the Bramley area as a Neighbourhood Constable. This role you may remember to be the ‘neighbourhood bobby’, walking around the streets and generally being the face that everyone knows. It took me some time to be trusted and recognised within the area, but over time I was looked upon to be one of the good ones who would help when trouble arose.

I decided to move on after ten years and spent two years working within the homeless community on the streets of Leeds and in the city centre. This role, as you can imagine, was a hard task and a very emotive and complicated subject. Again, it took time for the clients to trust us as Police Officers who were there to engage and help them, rather than judge and enforce against them.

Since November 2020 I have been in my new role of Strategic Engagement based at Stainbeck Police Station. We are a team of three officers, each have a different element of work, mine being Women and Girls. There is also a Faith element and an Emerging communities element. The main objectives of my role are to engage with members of the community, build relationships and offer advice and help. I can also deliver sessions on various topics, a few examples being: Keeping Safe, Fraud, Cyber Crime, Domestic Abuse, Financial Abuse, Covid Regulations/Rules.

I’m happy to join in sessions and chat regarding normal life and non-Police related topics. Life can be challenging and it can be nice just to have a natter.

I’ve found that most groups are meeting online presently due to the pandemic which can be both beneficial but also isolating. I much prefer meeting face-to-face and having human contact but we must do what we can to prevent the spread of the virus and keep us all safe. I’m looking forward to seeing you digitally and eventually in person

Please feel free to get in touch on the email and contact number below

PC 6298 Sarah Carroll
Strategic Engagement Officer
07802 717261