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May 19, 2021

Age Proud Leeds: think, talk, act!

Age Proud Leeds is our campaign to raise awareness of ageism and change negative attitudes about ageing and older people. Ageism is discrimination based on a person’s age. The Age Proud Leeds campaign is challenging ageism because we want to celebrate older people as ‘assets’ rather than ‘burdens’.

We have produced activities and resources which are free to use, by people who run activity groups and anyone in the community who wants to raise awareness about ageism.

Why talk about ageism?

Ageism is widespread and can be expressed by people of any age. Many people take on these negative beliefs without even realising it. This has been shown to be harmful, particularly for older people. So, talking about ageism can contribute to better wellbeing and self-confidence for people of all ages, particularly older people. It also helps to encourage a positive attitude towards older people and to create an environment of respect, where diversity is valued and discrimination is challenged.

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Jude Woods
Communities Officer, Time to Shine