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June 2, 2021

“A year older, a year bolder”

We are delighted to launch a new video as part of our Age Proud Leeds campaign to raise awareness of ageism and change negative attitudes about ageing and older people.

We can see examples of ageism everywhere. It often goes unchallenged and is just accepted as part of life. According to Ageing Equal, ageism is the most widespread form of discrimination and it affects our health and wellbeing and the way that we think of ourselves as we age. Age Proud Leeds campaigns against this.

Eight older people in Leeds talk about how ageism has affected their lives, taking in workplace worries, media attitudes and ads for anti-ageing creams. We can hear that this is an emotive issue that pervades all areas of our daily lives.

They also touch on how ageism can make older people invisible, and how it affects women and disabled people.

They go on to look at the benefits and joys of ageing, including feeling more self-aware and self-confident – “Old is good too!”

Watch the video.

Get involved in Age Proud Leeds!

Become an Age Friendly Ambassador for Leeds.

Thanks to all participants, and to Jordan Chang for editing the video.

Rob Cook
Communications Officer, Time to Shine