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June 30, 2021

Time to Shine update: July 2021

Here is a brief selection of our recent work, and what we expect to be doing next month …

June 2021

We continue to work remotely, while supporting frontline practitioners in their Covid response and the preparation for the lifting of lockdown.

Among other activities, we have:

  • delivered the June issue of Shine magazine
  • worked with Yorkshire MESMAC to deliver LGBT+ awareness training to 14 people working in older people’s organisations.
  • gathered many expressions of interest by organisations who want to provide activities for the programme of events for the Age Proud Festival
  • started to plan a partnership with Leeds Community Foundation to launch a small fund to work with older LGBT+ people, in August.
  • launched training around older people’s mental health, for staff and volunteers in 3rd sector organisations, which includes mental health awareness, how to recognise and respond to compassion fatigue, and bereavement and loss
  • presented to the Leeds Frailty Partnership on the work of Neighbourhood Networks on supporting older people to remain independent at home through improved physical, mental and emotional health
  • ran an event with LCC Public Health and the 3rd sector to support the city’s Covid-19 vaccination and keep safe messages
  • Members of the Age Friendly Steering Group have been championing Age Friendly practices including involvement in consultation with WY Combined Authority on the proposed plans for the Leeds Bradford Airport Parkway Station, and discussing with the Preservative Party (young people attached to Leeds City Museum) around making a film about how ageism affects people of all ages.

July 2021

Among other activities during this month, we expect to:

  • work with Dementia Friendly Leeds and with partner organisations to plan a Summer networking event to support memory cafes and other community-based groups for people living with dementia, with reopening.
  • deliver a short course – Co-production with older people – as part of Leeds Co-Production festival
  • create an online programme of events for the Age Proud Leeds Festival
  • meet our new delivery partners working on intergenerational projects at a group induction
  • run second training on Pension Credits for older people’s organisations to support the city-wide campaign to increase the uptake of pension credits, in partnership with AgeUK Leeds, Centre for Ageing Better and DWP
  • organise a Digital Inclusion services event for older people’s organisations on blending digital services with their more traditional offer
  • bid a fond farewell and thank you to CEO Rachel Cooper, who’s been at LOPF since 2009

Linda Glew
Time to Shine Programme Manager (Legacy)