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Volunteers, with gardening tools, at an allotment
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August 9, 2022

The Great Outdoors project – fresh air and friendship

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Good Practice Mentor

TCV Hollybush recognised that engaging with conservation activity in a group setting provided people with an opportunity to undertake a meaningful activity, and to meet a range of like-minded people. They also recognised that much of their activity was appealing to men who might not engage in other volunteer activity – it suited a predilection for practical activity in a way similar to ‘men in sheds’ projects.

Read the Great Outdoors end of project report

A number of regular volunteers were in the younger older age group so they planned to use the Great Outdoors Project to consciously engage more older people, use that to build trust and help those people to use engaging with groups at Hollybush as a stepping stone to new social networks.

People enjoyed taking part in a number of practical activities like whittling, as well as joining gardening groups and wildlife walks. Throughout the lockdown period people were encouraged to engage through growing at home whenever possible.  To find out more about the Great Outdoors read the end of project report.

Jessica Duffy
Good Practice Mentor