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Leeds Older People’s Forum
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November 24, 2022

Together we are stronger: join Leeds Older People’s Forum

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Chief Executive Officer, LOPF

LOPF is a membership organisation. It’s our membership which gives us strength of voice and influence. And that’s what makes us, all together, stronger than the sum of our parts.

We want to reach further. If your organisation works with older people in Leeds, whether or not older people are your main focus, whether or not you are Leeds-based, please join us.

Benefits of LOPF membership

As a member of LOPF you will have:

  • Opportunities to network and develop new partnerships
  • Opportunities to be a third sector representative and to hear from representatives about the decisions made on older people’s service provision
  • The power of a collective voice on issues that impact on the third sector and older people.
  • Opportunities to ensure the needs of communities of place and of interest are heard at a city-wide level
  • The power to influence our strategic direction of travel
  • A Vote at the AGM of Leeds Older People’s Forum

If you are already a member of LOPF, thank you for your continued support. You play a vital role in amplifying the voices of older people in Leeds.

Join Leeds Older People’s Forum

Jo Volpe
Chief Executive Officer, LOPF