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April 26, 2023

Support the campaign for a Commissioner for Older People and Ageing

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Chief Executive Officer, LOPF

As I read some of the 1001 Stories gathered from older people across Leeds, I’m struck by all the things that make a life.  People talk about their houses and homes, the work they did (or still do), and their friends and their lovers (some unrequited); and buses!

All of these things – housing, work, connectivity – digital and human, relationships, and transport – and more, are part of our lives and part of ageing.  If we want to age well we need to ensure that these life threads are all a good fit for our ageing population.  Yet Government separates them into different departments – we have Ministers for Transport, Levelling Up (is that where housing sits now?!), Work and Pensions, to name a few.

 We need one place, one Commissioner who is thinking about our older people and ageing; otherwise we fall between the cracks. 

That’s why Leeds Older People’s Forum supports the campaign for a Commissioner for Older People and Ageing.

Led by Age UK, the Centre for Ageing Better, Independent Age and the National Pensioners Convention, the campaign unites more than 70 organisations to call for a Commissioner for Older People and Ageing in England.

Add your voice, as an individual and/or an organisation – sign a statement of support.

We were delighted to have Independent Age join us in Leeds to hear what older people thought about the campaign.  They talked with (not to) older people. We hope you will join us, and the dozens of organisations already committed, in this campaign.

Let’s have someone in or close to government whose job it is to be aware of, watch out for, and amplify, the needs and desires of older people across the whole, real lives they are living. 

Jo Volpe
Chief Executive Officer