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April 27, 2023

Trending elders: our new quarterly survey

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Chief Executive Officer, LOPF

We are launching a regular quarterly trends survey and we need the insight and experience of our members to make it work effectively.

Through ‘Trending elders’ we want to identify what is actually happening to and for older people in Leeds. One of the best ways for us to do this is to ask our members, who work directly with older people every day.

We have designed a survey to be very quick and easy to do, with four regular questions.

We will gather the intelligence gained from our members to use to share with local and national networks, and as evidence for policy-makers and the media. In some quarters there may be nothing new, but some may produce really significant stories that are important to share and to shout about.

We have contacted all our members asking people with a good overview to take part regularly in the survey.

By regularly aggregating the experience of more than 80 LOPF members we aim for Trending elders to become a respected, credible source of evidence, amplifying the views and voices of older people and of our member organisations.

Jo Volpe
Chief Executive Officer