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November 16, 2021

Welcome to our new website!

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Communications Officer

Are you looking for the right local organisation? Are you trying to find reports and toolkits to help you run groups for older people? Would you like to know how our work helps Leeds to become the best city to grow old in? Perhaps you want to get involved in our campaign against ageism

You can find your answers here, on our brand new website! We hope you like it and find it useful.  We’re still adding to it. Like most websites it’s a living thing, which will never be ‘complete’.

We welcome feedback on anything to do with the new site:

  • is it attractive?
  • how easy is it to find things you need?
  • is it accessible for you?
  • is anything missing?
  • is anything wrong?

Let us know!

Rob Cook
Communications Officer, Time to Shine