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June 21, 2022

Enhance programme is now live

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Communications Officer

We’re very pleased to say that the Enhance programme is now officially live!

Enhance – a partnership between Leeds Older People’s Forum and Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust (LCH) – supports safe and sustainable discharge of people from hospital and Neighbourhood Teams into a secure home environment. By linking the NHS Neighbourhood Teams with 14 third sector organisations the programme aims to avoid delays in discharge and readmissions, and enhance capacity in both sectors.

The third sector organisations involved in Enhance will provide a range of home and community-based services, which may include befriending, IT support, support with self-management, and undertaking joint visits with relevant health professionals, such as Nurses or Therapists.

Key to Enhance is that it will adopt throughout aa ‘test and learn’ approach, by which we encourage the development of innovative solutions, so we can all learn from what works, but also what doesn’t. This approach was used successfully in LOPF’s seven year Time to Shine programme.

A lot of work, including co-producing a client pathway and a referral form, has already been done by the partnership. All 14 third sector partners will be taking referrals by the end of July.

We’re very pleased with the great work already done to get Enhance moving. We’re hoping that this partnership will develop effective and creative ways of supporting people to return to, and stay safely in their own homes: win, win, win… for third sector organisations, for the NHS, and most of all the people who will benefit from personalised, joined up support

LOPF Enhance Programme Manager, Hillary Wadsworth

Enhance is a really exciting opportunity for LCH to work with Leeds Older People’s Forum and third sector delivery partners to support people with independence in their own home. Our partners bring different expertise and experience which complements our Neighbourhood Teams and together we will be able to deliver the best possible care for people in Leeds.

Sam Prince, Executive Director of Operations at Leeds Community Healthcare

For more information about Enhance:

Rob Cook
Communications Officer, LOPF