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Leeds Older People’s Forum

Enhance programme

Leeds Older People’s Forum, on behalf of the Forum Central Partnership, has launched the Enhance Programme in partnership with Leeds Community Healthcare Trust.

Large Enhance logo, with smaller logos for LOPF, Forum Central and Leeds Community Healthcare Trust

About this project

Enhance will support safe and sustainable discharge from hospital and neighbourhood teams into a secure home environment and link Neighbourhood Teams with third sector organisations to enhance capacity in both sectors and avoid both delayed discharges and readmissions.

Enhance delivery partners

Summaries of the projects funded through Enhance.

Action for Gipton Elderly

Action for Gipton Elderly will develop a ‘Time, Listen, Care’ service, focusing on the complex needs of people living in Gipton and Harehills.

Action for Gipton Elderly ( – 0113 240 9784
Karen Woloszczak –

ABA Leeds

ABA will work with Hamara to develop a Hospital Discharge service, focusing primarily on the needs of people of BAME heritage.

ABA Leeds (The Association of Blind Asians) – 0113 210 3347
Debbani Ghosh –

Age UK Leeds  

Age UK will develop a package of home-based support and community-based activities.

Age UK Leeds – 0113 389 3000
Julie Skelton –

Armley Helping Hands

Armley Helping Hands will work with a Community Engagement Worker and Wellbeing Champion in Armley to support older people achieve better overall health outcomes.

Armley Helping Hands – 0113 279 9292
Dawn Newsome –

Burmantofts Senior Action 

Burmantofts Senior Action will develop a new project – ‘Enhanced Health Intervention’ – in Burmantofts, providing a single point of contact throughout.

Burmantofts Senior Action – 0113 248 9191
Tom Armstrong –

Care & Repair Leeds

Care & Repair will develop their holistic and practical support offered immediately after hospital discharge, to medium-term support for individuals.

Care & Repair Leeds – 0113 240 6009
Ravinder Kaur –
Pat Harter –

Cross Gates & District Good Neighbours’ Scheme

Cross Gates & District Good Neighbours will provide a post discharge support package to people living in the area.

Cross Gates & District Good Neighbours Scheme – 0113 260 6565
Marion Darlow –

Feel Good Factor

Feel Good Factor will provide practical support to attend and engage in activities within community settings, build social networks and peer support in the Chapeltown area.

Feel Good Factor – 0113 350 4200
Angela Goodyear –

Health for All

Health for All will work in Beeston and Middleton to further develop their ‘team around the Elder’ approach, working on a one-to-one level with individuals to identify appropriate activities to meet their specific needs.

Health For All – 0113 276 2720
Pat McGeever –

Leeds Irish Health & Homes 

Leeds Irish Health & Homes will work across Meanwood and Chapeltown to develop a ‘3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months and beyond’ approach to support individuals.

Leeds Irish Health & Homes – 0113 262 5614
Sarah McBride –

Moor Allerton Elderly Care

MAECare will work with local partners to enhance the personalised support offered to individuals.

MAECare – 0113 266 0371
Julia Edmunds –


OPAL will further develop their personalised support offer to individuals living in the LS16 area.

OPAL – 0113 261 9103
Hattie Easton –

NET Garforth 

NET will build on the personalised support offer, working with the Neighbourhood Team in Kippax.

NET Garforth – 0113 287 4784
Monica Walker –

Seacroft Friends and Neighbours 

Seacroft Friends and Neighbours will employ a case worker to provide personalised one-to-one support.  

Seacroft Friends and Neighbours – 0113 273 4979
Carol Lockwood –

Enhance learning briefings

We are compiling and publishing valuable learning from the Enhance programme as we go along. You can read and download them here. All of them – and many more reports, toolkits and case studies – are available in the resources section of this site.

Answering your questions about Enhance

We believe that if one person or organisation voices a question, there will be others who would like to know the answer too. We will share questions about Enhance, and our answers, here, grouped into topics if appropriate.

Evaluation questionnaires

What should we do if the questionnaire is too long to finish in one go?

It’s fine for a participant to complete it over a couple of sessions if necessary, or do it in their own time and hand it back when completed.

I’d feel awkward about asking some of the questions

LOPF can offer ‘Gathering sensitive data’ training and support. Email to register your interest.

What if, when completing the P3-CEQ (feedback) question, a participant tells me they’ve had a bad experience of coordinated care?

Please talk to them about it and try to understand the issues, then follow your organisation’s procedures if the participant wants to make a complaint. Please provide a summary of the issues, and the action that has been taken, to your LOPF contract manager, as this is valuable learning.

What do we do with the questionnaires once they are completed?

Please keep them securely at your office/home until Jessica asks for them.

Should I send ‘before’ and ‘after’ questionnaires together or separately?

When you send questionnaires please include all completed ones, whether ‘before’ or ‘after’. Don’t wait until you have an ‘after’ questionnaire for a participant to send the ‘before’.

Why is it called Unique Reference Number (URN) when it is mainly letters?

This is simply the name we used as part of the Time to Shine programme and it stuck. 

Participants involved in more than one Enhance project

If a participant is involved in more than one Enhance project, which delivery partner should count that person in their monitoring?

Both delivery partners should count that participant, if both projects are providing Enhance support.

If a participant is involved in more than one Enhance project, which delivery partner should do the ‘before’ evaluation questionnaire with that person?

The delivery partner who will be providing short to medium term Enhance support to the participant should ask them to complete a questionnaire.