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Leeds Older People’s Forum
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Friendly Communities

Our Friendly Communities project brings together Age Friendly Leeds and Dementia Friendly Leeds, with the ultimate aim of making Leeds an age and dementia friendly city.

About this project

The ambition for Age Friendly Leeds is to make our hometown “the best city to grow old in”. In other words, a place where people of all ages actively participate in community life; somewhere older people are valued, feel respected and appreciated, and seen as the assets they are.

Dementia Friendly Leeds is a campaign to raise awareness of dementia and make services more accessible. The aim is to ensure people who are living with dementia – along with their carers – remain an active part of their city and keep doing the things they enjoy. 

Together, an age friendly community –

  • enables people of all ages to actively participate in community activities and treats everyone with respect, regardless of their age
  • is a place that makes it easy for older people to stay connected to people that are important to them
  • helps people of all ages stay healthy and active
  • offers support and assistance so that everyone can join in

In practical terms, an age friendly city adapts its structures and services to be accessible to all older people.

Leeds is one of more than 40 Age Friendly communities across the UK. The UK Network of Age Friendly Communities is coordinated by the Centre for Ageing Better. Leeds became an Age Friendly city in 2014, joining over 800 cities in 40 countries.

Leeds Age Friendly Partnership is working to make Leeds the best city to grow old in.

Ways to get involved

There are a number of different ways individuals and businesses can get involved in our Friendly Communities initiatives.

Join the Age Friendly Leeds Steering Group

For older people, living in Leeds – share your views, ideas, experiences or skills to help make Leeds more Age Friendly. We meet on a monthly basis, currently online via zoom.

Become an Age and Dementia Friendly Business

We encourage business and organisations to become more Age and Dementia Friendly.
You can check out our free guide to being an Age and Dementia Friendly business or organisation.

Learn how to make your business age and dementia friendly >

Become an Age Friendly Ambassador

We have over 170 Age Friendly Ambassadors in Leeds! Anyone who is willing to take action to help raise awareness and spread the Age Friendly message to others can sign up as an ambassador.

Find out how to get involved >

Become a Dementia Friend

With around 8,500 people in Leeds living with dementia, this is an issue that effects a huge number of local people and will have an impact on many more in the future.

See how you can play your part >

Join the Come In and Rest Scheme

We manage the ‘Come in and Rest’ scheme, through which local businesses and services can show they are welcoming to older people who may want to pop in and sit down for a while.

See which businesses are on the scheme >

Join the Age Proud Leeds campaign

Age Proud Leeds is a campaign to raise awareness of ageism and change negative attitudes about ageing and older people. Join us in our campaign to challenge age discrimination.

Learn more about Age Proud Leeds >

Find a dementia support group near you

DEEP is a network of groups of people with dementia all across the UK. There are around 80 groups, and DEEP connects them together to share their experience, and to support each other.

Discover more about DEEP groups >