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Leeds Older People’s Forum

Equalities hub for older people

Leeds Older People’s Forum supports the Equalities hub for older people, one of the equalities hubs which helps ensure Leeds City Council is engaging with and involving the full range of citizens that live in Leeds in the decisions it makes.

About this project

LOPF supports Leeds equality hub for older people to ensure that older people’s voices are listened to.

Aims of the Equalities Hub for Older People

  1. Older People’s Voices are heard by Leeds City Council and its services when they are planning their service delivery and in their policy and strategies.
  2. Older People’s voices are heard as part of the Equalities Assembly and intersectionality with other protected characteristics
  3. Partners and the public have an improved understanding of the issues around Older People’s Lives
  4. There will be close links between the work of the council on supporting older staff and older people and organisations supporting them on ageing equality

Hub meetings

Older people can take part in hub meetings, each of which has a focus, which is based on the results of our quarterly Trending Elders survey. The last few meetings focused on:

  • transport
  • digital inclusion
  • cost of living
  • wellbeing

Equality hubs in Leeds

As well as the equality hub for older people, there are also the following equality hubs in Leeds:

  • Disability
  • LGBT+
  • Religion or belief
  • Women

The hubs are all members of the Equality Hubs Network, which feeds into Leeds Equality Assembly, facilitated by Leeds City Council.