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Leeds Older People’s Forum
Large sign for "Pollng station" outside a buildidng.

Manifesto for Change

Leeds Older People’s Forum has produced our Manifesto for Change in order to amplify the needs and concerns of older people in Leeds, and to influence politicians and policy-makers.

About this campaign

Our Manifesto for Change incorporates a series of recommendations, covering the following priorities:

  1. Social and community-based care needs adequate funding to ensure it is high quality and personalised. 
  2. Prevention must be given a high priority so we all have a good quality of life not just additional years.
  3. Older people in Leeds must be listened to ensure we are a truly age and dementia friendly City.
  4. Age must be respected, with greater recognition as a protected characteristic, enabling people to age with dignity.

We have identified the priorities and recommendations through work with our trustees, Trending Elders (our quarterly survey) and through our LOPF projects, including Travel ConnectionsFriendly Communities,  the Enhance programme and the Older People’s Equality Hub.

We will use the manifesto around the time of the 2024 general election and beyond, to stimulate conversation about the needs and concerns of older people, and to seek to influence politicians and policy-makers.

Political impartiality

We recognise, in line with Charity Commission and Electoral Commission requirements, that campaigning and political activity can be legitimate and valuable activities for LOPF, but only to support our charitable purposes. Read our Statement of political impartiality for more detail.