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Leeds Older People’s Forum
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Trending Elders

Trending elders is LOPF’s quarterly survey of member organisations, through which we gather up-to-date intelligence on the issues affecting older people in Leeds.

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About this project

Trending Elders an important tool for amplifying the collective voice of our members, and the older people they work with.

We use findings from Trending Elders quarterly reports to:

  • increase our own understanding of what’s going on
  • brief politicians and media
  • inform and influence commissioners and funders

Quote of the quarter

The growing living costs are driving people, particularly the elderly, towards higher degrees of loneliness and isolation as they cut back on social spending.

(NET Garforth)
Front cover of Trending Elders Quarterly survey April-June 2023, showing headings of 'Results snapshot' and 'Quote  of the quarter'.

Read our quarterly reports, all very brief and digestible.

Use your voice!

Please become a regular respondent to Trending Elders. We ask just three regular questions in an online survey, making it very quick to do.

Please contact if you would like to help amplify our collective voice.