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Leeds Older People’s Forum
Older man and woman dancing together

IDOP – International Day of Older People

About this project

The city of Leeds promotes and celebrates IDOP each year in October to promote:

  • a positive view of old age
  • older people being enabled to lead active healthy and involved lives as citizens
  • full participation of older people in the decisions and processes which affect their lives
  • challenging the barriers faced by older people to independence, inclusion and equality
  • older people being treated with respect and dignity at all times

International Day of Older People 2023

International Day of Older People (IDOP) on 1 October is celebrated annually in Leeds, focusing on a different theme each year.

The theme for 2023 is: The resilience of older people in a changing world 

IDOP 2023 events in Leeds

Recent International Days of Older People in Leeds

  • Read our report on IDOP 2022, on the theme: ‘the resilience and contributions of older women’.
  • Read the IDOP 2021 report about events and activities bringing people together to celebrate the theme, ‘Linking Lives’.

IDOP Leeds is organised by Leeds Older People’s Forum with the support of Leeds City Council Public Health, Leeds City Council Adults & Health and Leeds City Council Equality and Diversity, Safer and Stronger Communities Team