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Leeds Older People’s Forum
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Make your business Age & Dementia Friendly

Check out our comprehensive guide for businesses and organisations to support and encourage people to take action to become age and dementia friendly.

Lead by example and make a real difference

The guide aims to encourage local businesses and organisations to contribute to making Leeds a place where older people, and people living with dementia, actively participate in the life of the city.

All sections of our guide are available below:

How to become Age and Dementia Friendly : A guide for businesses and organisations in Leeds
Key information to help you become more Age and Dementia Friendly

Supporting older customers during Covid-19
A selection of practical actions that older people have said would help them go out with confidence and reduce their risk

Age and Dementia Friendly checklist
Helpful ideas on what actions you could take

Age and Dementia Friendly Leeds
Background and local picture

Age and Dementia Friendly: Real life stories
Businesses and organisations in Leeds who have taken action

Going the extra mile
Contacts and information if you want to take your age and dementia friendly work further

Every organisation who signs up will –

  • receive Age Friendly and Dementia Friendly stickers for your organisation
  • get free publicity via our Friendly Communities project
  • have the opportunity to list your business or organisation as Age and Dementia Friendly on Leeds Directory (an online listing of over 1,500 businesses and organisations which support people to live independently)
  • receive our regular newsletter
  • hear about initiatives, projects and events
  • receive support in achieving your actions

If you have any questions about becoming more Age & Dementia Friendly or would like a paper copy of our guide, please contact our Friendly Communities team.

Sign up to be an Age & Dementia Friendly business >

Age and Dementia Friendly businesses and organisations in Leeds

Age and Dementia friendly businesses and organisations have committed to take action to offer an Age & Dementia Friendly service, and to help make Leeds the best city to grow old in.

Lots of businesses and services in Leeds have also signed up to the Come In And Rest scheme, where older people are welcome to pop in for a while and sit down, with no obligation to buy anything or use a service.

You can also visit the Leeds Dementia Action Alliance website to see those who have taken action to make their services Dementia Friendly.