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December 15, 2022

Time to Learn (one last time)

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Good Practice Mentor

The Time to Shine programme came to an end in March 2022, and I have had one final year to continue to share our learning. The LOPF team is very clear that although we no longer have funding specifically to reduce loneliness, it hasn’t gone away for many older people. We know that while helping older people with other issues, you are also helping to address loneliness. We’d like to help you do that in the most effective way.

I am also very aware as I and my colleagues get out and about that lots of lovely new staff members have started in organisations across the city, and that maybe some learning sessions would be helpful.

So, for staff and colleagues across Leeds, West Yorkshire and beyond, we have prepared a short programme of training to help you implement some of the learning from Time to Shine.

Working with older people peer learning sessions

Sessions are generally 1 hour, or 1½ hours, online and offer information and a chance for small group discussion. The Co-production with older people training is two online sessions, replacing a full face-to-face day.

All the events are stand-alone: you can take part in one, a few, or the whole series. All are suitable for staff from 3rd sector organisations, health and social care, social housing and more.  In fact, they are suitable for anyone who would find it helpful to understand more about these issues and meet and share ideas with others in similar roles.

You’ll find a brief outline of each session below.

Please book via Eventbrite (There is a single link to the whole series.)

Working with older people peer learning sessions

Learning sessions for staff new to working with older people – sharing the learning from Time to Shine and other Ageing Better partners about reducing loneliness for older people. Learn and share with colleagues.

Wise up to Ageism (WUTA)

Wednesday 18 January, 1.00-2.30
The aim of Wise Up to Ageism is to raise awareness of ageism and encourage people to find out more, discuss and reflect. We also aim to help you to challenge ageism in your everyday life. The session explores the five key messages of the Age Proud Leeds campaign:

  • Let’s talk about ageism What is ageism and how widespread it is.
  • Ageism affects people of all ages Whether we are younger, middle aged or older – ageism affects us all.
  • Ageism. What does it do to us? Age discrimination has many negative effects and having a positive attitude to ageing can help you live well for longer.
  • Older, different, equal Older people are diverse and ageing and ageism affect us differently.
  • Time to feel good about ageing Ageing brings many benefits. Share the positives and celebrate the contributions made by older people.

Take a look at loneliness and social isolation

Wednesday 1 February, 1.00-2.00
Time to Shine in Leeds, and the 13 other Ageing Better partners across England, set out to use a range of techniques to reduce social isolation and loneliness in people aged 50+.  Along the way we found out more about how social isolation and chronic loneliness can affect people, and some techniques that worked to reduce loneliness.
Join us to find out where and why people are lonely, and how you might start to tackle this loneliness. Many of the things we learned about reducing loneliness apply to more groups than older people.

Barriers to Engagement – the value of person-centred working

Wednesday 22 February, 1.00-2.30
You’ve got a great idea for an activity. Why is it so hard to get someone to engage? Time to Shine and other Ageing Better partners identified a range of barriers to engagement, from the purely practical to the psychological.  Let’s take a look at these barriers and ways you might approach removing them.
We’ll also be thinking about intersectionality, and how to work with those groups at most risk.

Making space to create Friendships

Wednesday 8 March, 1.00-2.30
Just getting someone to a group can be hard. To start reducing their loneliness you need to encourage them to come again, and you also need to make space for people to make bonds of friendship which will last outside a group setting and sustain them as individuals.
Time to Shine and other Ageing Better projects tried a lot of ways of making this work.  Join us to find out more and talk to colleagues about how you could do this in your own setting.

Co-production with older people

Part 1: Wednesday22 March, 9.30-12.00
Part 2: Wednesday29 March, 9.30-12.00

Join us for two half day sessions to find out how you can use the Time to Shine Co Production toolkit within your organisation .
“Co-production is not just a word, it’s not just a concept, it is a meeting of minds coming together to find a shared solution. In practice, it involves people who use services being consulted, included and working together from the start to the end of any project that affects them.”
We have tried to adopt this approach in every aspect of the Time to Shine programme, seeing involving older people as one of the main principles of our work.
We have found that authentic and genuine co-production results in effective and successful projects and activities. Through co-production older people have felt a true sense of ownership of the project, and have gone on to promote the project and advocate on their behalf. In many cases this has led to a ripple effect of people reaching out to others to connect them with their community.

Book on one event or more, share with colleagues, spread the word.

Please book via Eventbrite (There is a single link to the whole series.)

Jessica Duffy
Good Practice Mentor