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April 12, 2023

Leeds reaches 100 age and dementia friendly businesses

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Friendly Communities Officer, Time to Shine

I’m very proud to say that we now have 100 businesses and organisation in Leeds  committed to being age and dementia friendly! This fantastic milestone was reached when Wetherby in Support of the Elderly (WiSE) signed up.

Leeds Older People’s Forum (LOPF) manages the Age and Dementia Friendly Business scheme, which encourages local businesses and organisations to contribute to making Leeds a place where older people, and people living with dementia, actively participate in the life of the city.

We now have such a range of businesses and organisations – from restaurants to rugby, stairlifts to solicitors, and cosmetics to charities – all committed to being age and dementia friendly.

Businesses have a strong financial incentive to build an age friendly reputation. Research in 2019 by the International Longevity Centre UK shows that 54p of every £1 spent in the UK is spent by someone over 50, which is expected to rise to 63p by 2040.

And businesses, large and small, are really catching on to the fact that while making an important contribution to improving the lives of older people and people living with dementia, they can broaden their customer base, in a win-win situation. Businesses that understand the needs of their community and are responsive to them are more likely to inspire customer loyalty.

Many businesses in Leeds have already taken great steps to be age and dementia friendly. We can support businesses that want to do more.

Every Leeds business signing up to be age and dementia friendly receives Age Friendly and Dementia Friendly window stickers, gets free publicity and support, access to networking events and free training for staff.

The Age and Dementia Friendly Business scheme is part of LOPF’s Friendly Communities project, funded by Leeds City Council. ‘Dementia Friendly’ is an Alzheimer’s Society initiative.

If you would like your business or rganisation to become more age and dementia friendly please contact me – (Friendly Communities Officer at LOPF) or read more on the LOPF website.

Sarah Prescott
Friendly Communities Officer