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Leeds Older People’s Forum
Older man, with arms crossed, smiling

Our vision & values

We have one primary goal – to make sure every older person in Leeds has the opportunities, freedom and support to live the life they choose. Everything we do is designed to bring this vision to life.

Driven by our core beliefs

We’re passionate about social justice and inclusivity, and wish to reflect the diversity of Leeds. We campaign on the issues that matter to older people with kindness and respect.

Our values shape our approach. We are – 


We care deeply about our cause, putting older people at the centre of everything we do and promoting their right to live the life they choose. We listen closely and treat others with warmth and affection. We encourage a culture of mutual respect, recognising the contribution of each and every individual. A little kindness can make a huge difference.


We work closely with others and bring people together. We have strong partnerships across all sectors – with a special focus on third sector organisations – achieving our mutual goals by improving communities and empowering those who live in them. We put in the effort to maintain our networks, building on existing relationships and forging brand new connections. Together, we’re greater than the sum of our parts.


We’re passionate about social justice, fairness and equality. We amplify the voices of those who are often ignored by society, actively challenging stereotypes, prejudices and systems of oppression. Ageing is intersectional – we recognise not all older people are the same. People have very different lived experiences, based not only on age but also race, sexuality, gender and wealth. We understand how ageing can compound existing inequalities or injustices.


We believe in the power of openness, honesty and integrity. We behave with sincerity and transparency, sharing what we learn and communicating our findings clearly. We draw upon our huge body of data and evidence to make meaningful decisions that help transform lives. We have a long history of being relevant and trusted in the community – we aim to keep building on these solid foundations.


We’re devoted to our cause and always excited to talk about it. Driven by our deep desire to help older people, we’re bristling with creativity, passion and energy. Every member of staff, every trustee and every one of our volunteers is dedicated to helping us reach our goals – their tireless commitment allows us to run a high quality, professional organisation. We’re incredibly proud of the impact we get to make every single day.

Working towards a joined-up approach

Our experience of co-production allows us to work with older people, rather than for them. This approach means we can bring people together to set realistic goals and then help them work cooperatively to deliver tangible outcomes.

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