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February 29, 2024

Update: March 2024

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Communications Officer

Here is a brief selection of our recent work, and what we expect to be doing next month.

In February, among other activities, we have…

In March 2024, we expect to…

  • host the Ageing Better – Age Friendly Ambassador event, where you can get a  free health MOT from Leeds Beckett Sports and Science students, and take part in taster sessions for dance, walking netball and walking football. (Armley Leisure Centre, Thursday March 7, 11:00-1:00)
  • support the Age Friendly Steering Group and the Preservative Party who will be out on Wednesday 20 March, talking about Ageism for Ageism Action Day. We encourage everyone to do the Are you Ageist? quiz as part of the national campaign, and get involved!
  • prepare a Driving Change Together end-of-project report for our funder, The Road Safety Trust
  • receive a final draft of the Enhance Year 2 qualitative and quantitative evaluation report from evaluation partners
  • learn from the experiences of Enhance delivery partners before finalising the monitoring and evaluation requirements for Year 3
  • start work on a Creative Healthy Ageing toolkit to share learning from the arts-based events
  • run a version of  Wise Up to Ageism for people outside Leeds, including 2 sessions on the Centre for Ageing Better’s Age Without Limits action day (March 20) Book your free place.
  • announce some exciting news about Men’s Health Unlocked. (See a graphic summary of MHU achievements in 2022-2023).
  • run the Leeds Care Partnership Lunch and Learn event on  BOSS and Google Translate
  • announce Enhance Year 3 delivery partners
  • The Age Friendly Steering Group will: peer review Highways and Transportation’s new Equality, Diversity and Inclusion presentation; look at the usability of the Housing Survey for the Older People’s Public Health Team, and work on the second stage of the Manage My Meds toolkit for the Yorkshire & Humber Patient Safety Research Collaboration.

Rob Cook
Communications Officer