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March 31, 2022

Leeds Older People’s Forum: who’s doing what?

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Communications Officer

With our seven year Time to Shine programme closing today (March 31), we hope it’s helpful to summarise the changes to projects and staffing, and show how LOPF is very much thriving and developing. 

LOPF programmes


We are now working in partnership with Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust, on a new programme. Enhance will support safe and sustainable discharge from hospital and Neighbourhood Teams into a secure home environment and link Neighbourhood Teams with third sector organisations to enhance capacity in both sectors and avoid both delayed discharges and readmissions.

Tackling Loneliness with Transport

LOPF is 1 of 12 applicants (out of about 200) to have been shortlisted for the Government’s Tackling loneliness with transport fund. We are currently preparing a detailed bid. We hope to hear by late April about what would be another major programme for us and our partners.

Friendly Communities

We continue to work on our Friendly Communities project, which brings together Age Friendly Leeds and Dementia Friendly Leeds, and includes the Age Proud Leeds campaign, with the ultimate aim of making Leeds an age and dementia friendly city.

Neighbourhood Networks

We continue to support the work and development of Leeds Neighbourhood Networks: community-based, locally-led organisations that support older people to live independently and participate within their own communities. This work has been funded for a third year by Leeds City Council.

LOPF staffing

We’re delighted that most of the Time to Shine team have been kept on. But we’re very sad to be saying goodbye to Harriet Walsh, Time To Shine Administration Officer for the last 3.5 years, who did such a brilliant job of hauling us seamlessly into the virtual world when the pandemic hit. We’re very pleased though that Harriet will be pursuing new ventures. 

  • Chief Executive Officer – vacant. Closing April 18 – see details
    35 hours a week.
  • Administration Officer – vacant. Closing April 11 – see details
    21 hours
  • Ali Kaye – Third Sector Development Manager (Older People)
    35 hours
    Working with Neighbourhood Networks and Enhance. 
  • Elizabeth Griffin – Friendly Communities Officer
    33 hours
  • Hillary Wadsworth – Programme Manager 
    21 hours (7 hours Good Practice Mentor and 14 hours Enhance) 
  • Jessica Duffy – Good Practice Mentor
    28 hours
    Funded by the National Lottery Community Fund to continue to share the learning from Time to Shine. Will also be supporting LOPF member organisations and delivery partners to share learning from the other programmes LOPF is involved in.
  • Linda Glew – Programme Manager
    35 hours – Enhance
  • Lisa Fearn – Monitoring and Evaluation Officer
    30 hours – Enhance
    Working closely with delivery partners to implement appropriate monitoring and evaluation processes, collect and analyse data, contribute to the test and learn ethos and overall evaluation of the Enhance programme.
  • new Friendly Communities Officer
    33 hours (starts late April)
  • Rob Cook – Communications Officer
    18 hours
  • Sarah Prescott – Friendly Communities Officer
    7 hours
    Focusing on the Age Friendly and Dementia Friendly business scheme.

Rob Cook
Communications Officer